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Welcome to our Link Directory!

LET'S EXCHANGE LINKS!   You may have the greatest web site in the world, but if people don't know you exist, what good is it? Each month, we have more than 15 thousand unique visitors that could potentially visit your site if you have a link with us.   PLUS, the more links that point to your site, the better your rank will be with the Search Engines. For your free listing on our site, simply provide us with a link on your website. See the form below for simple instructions.

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These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.


* No Porn or Gambling sites will be accepted.
* We don't expect a link on your home page, however there must be a link from your home page >> to your links page, as it is on our site.

Step #1 - highlight and copy all HTML coding in the tan box below and place it on your web site:

<Font Face="Arial" size="3" color="#000000"> <A HREF="" target="_blank"><B>Targeted Mailing Lists</B></A><BR> Over 45,000 Lists In Virtually Every Category Imagineable! Consumer mailing lists, business mailing lists, telemarketing lists, email lists, fax lists, and also offering great mortgage leads for mortgage brokers and loan officers. <BR> <A HREF="" target="_blank"></A></font>

(NOTE: Feel free to change the font, size and color to match the theme on your existing links page).

Step #2 - Complete the form below, send it, and you're done! We will notify you by email when your link is posted on our site within 7 business days.

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NOTE:   We will accept just about any link exchange request, even from our competitors! However, if we feel your web site will be offensive to our visitors, you will be notified via email if we reserve the right to refuse your link exchange request.

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